Service Level 

Last Updated: Sunday, April 28th, 2019

What services are to be provided, including a detailed description of those applications and/or services?

99.99% Uptime at Application (WordPress) level. This encompasses at least one (1) active MariaDB SQL Server, at least one (1) active web server and/or web server proxy combination (nginx->lsapi or nginx->php-fpm).

What is each party responsible for?

Highavailability.io will be responsible for maintaining the above mentioned services, while the customer will be responsible for keeping their accounts paid up and in active status. Suspended or terminated accounts will never quality for an SLA reimbursement of credits.

Also, in order to qualify for SLA reimbursement of credits, highavailiability.io requires the customer to be utilizing their Geo DNS services as issues with third party DNS won't be considered. If highavialability.io detects any changes in DNS history within 24 hours of the downtime, the vendor will not reimburse SLA credits.

Invalid .htaccess or php.ini (or equivalent INI) files will not be eligble for SLA credits.

It is the customer's responsibility to file for SLA credit reimbursement by contacting billing@highavailability.io within thirty (30) days of the incident. Any request for SLA reimbursement after this timeframe will not be considered.

What level of service is to be provided?

We are guaranteeing a Service Level Agreement of 99.99% uptime. The customer will be eligible for SLA credits once any site in their plan exceed more than four (4) minutes, twenty-three (23) seconds of downtime as long as the customer requirements for SLA reimbursement are met.

What is the duration of said services?

This Service Level Agreement will be handled on a month to month basis, despite month duration.

How will the performance of the service be monitored and evaluated, including specific metrics that will be used to track and rate the service?

Uptime Robot, StatusCake, Nagios, and other localized uptime monitoring systems will be monitoring the application level.

What exactly will happen if the vendor fails to provide this service, or to provide it as promised?

If any customer site breaks the 99.99% uptime barrier, highavailability.io will make eligible a 5% discount per hour of downtime (yearly plan rate / 12 months * 5%). If the downtime spans more than four (4) hours on any given month, the customer will will be credited 100% for the month. Multiple downtime incidents per month only qualify for the SLA within that specific month.

If there is a disagreement between the customer and vendor, how will the dispute be resolved?

A discussion between parties is always first recourse. If an agreement cannot be achieved, a third-party arbitrator will be involved.

How much will the customer pay for the service?

Pricing for all HA plans can be found HERE. If you need pricing on a custom infrastructure setup, please contact us.

When are those payments due? What happens if the customer doesn't pay?

Payments are due one (1) month or one (1) year after signup date, depending on package plan type. The vendor will send periodic emails reminding the customer of upcoming plan due dates. It is the customer's responsibility to maintain active status within the billing system. If the customer fails to maintain active status, their plan (and all domains and services on that plan) will be suspended after five (5) days of being late. A 10% late fee will also be added.

If the plan in question spans sixty (60) days past due date, it will be terminated and removed from the system. Highavailability.io will not be responsible for providing backups of this data.