The Future of Hosting 

Geo-Targeted, Multi‑Datacenter, On‑Demand Scaling
99.99% SLA Guarantee

Load Balancing

When your business requires HA technology solutions that provide end-users data via closest geographic location, geo-targeting is a must. Deliver dynamic content faster to clients without requiring a CDN.
[ Geo DNS Only ]

24/7 DevOPs

Our WordPress HA Clusters are monitored 24/7. Maintaining file sync and database replication across servers can suck. Worry about your website less knowing that our sysadmins are monitoring these tasks 24/7.


When your traffic increases, so does your processing power. Scale out with ease using our low TTFB FlameCGI Caching as we auto-magically serve your site's load across multiple nodes to disperse traffic.
[ Round Robin DNS ]

" The most important number is zero errors, every request was responded to. "

What makes us the
 smarter choice 
for WordPress Business?

We Persevere

Flame On with our Highly Available, Enterprise-Grade 2N+1 Level Architecture. Designed to persevere against unreliable and attacked network up-links, heavy viral traffic bursts, nasty "bad bots", common WordPress attacks, and the geo-targeting deficiencies your current single point of failure WordPress hosting provider has now. #SPOF #GTFO

We Secure

We offload malicious users straight to the WordPress Application Firewall to make sure attacks get mitigated in seconds cluster-wide, not after your site is down. With hardened nGinx configs, plugin-free malware scanning and removal, and server-level badbot protection you can spend more time building your business and less time dealing with hacks.

We Accelerate

With nGinx in your stack, your WordPress websites will fly! We handle both FastCGI and Proxy Caching directly in RAM to eliminate IOWait. We're highly accelerated, multi-node dispersed, and will deliver traffic with the best possible TTFB from your clusters closest location. Finally a blazing fast, scalable, geo-targeted hosting solution for your WordPress Business.

We Simplify

Manage your sites from a familiar Web Host Manager (WHM) interface, with segregated installs at cPanel level. At HA, we try not to reinvent the wheel. We tie in our functionality into the best control panel on the market today. Configuring both your nGinx Stack and WordPress automation processes are easy as a few clicks of the mouse without sacrificing familiarity.