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If your WordPress Business operates on a dedicated server or virtual private server, you are putting all your business's eggs in one basket. By incorporating high availability architecture into your business, you can prevent your business and it's clients from dealing with downtime when these points of failure arise. There will always be problems when it comes to availability of services, but since this is something we all have experienced, we can take the responsibility to plan against it ahead of time.

For example, if your WordPress business runs on a dedicated server, you will have to combat against:

  • Disk drive failures
  • Network up-link failures
  • Motherboard failures
  • Power supply failures
  • Other component failures
  • Scheduled maintenance

Also, if your WordPress business runs on a virtual private server, you will have to combat against:

  • Physical hardware failures on your host node
  • Network up-link failures
  • Scheduled maintenance

While VPS companies take a more managed and concerned approach (their hardware failures effect multiple clients rather than a single dedicated server client) your experience of availability issues will be less than a dedicated server because failover systems are easier to deploy with virtualization.

We have previously built a shared hosting service using only N+1 architecture on both dedicated and virtual hardware and have still suffered with these issues with sometimes up to eight (8) hours of downtime, during prime-time hours.

While downtime issues aren't always serious, and can be scheduled during late-night maintenance, with minimal effect to users, we are focused on preventing the catastrophes of single points of failure, no matter where they are, what time they occur, or what type of downtime it is. The availability issues of the hosting world do not come from planned maintenance times, they come at the worst times when you are not ready to take on the tasks of restoring your customer's data.

Not all businesses can just disappear for any amount of time. Having your online business go offline is equatable to pulling a brick and mortar store out of the Earth. Where does your traffic go? Your customers go to an error page where you website used to be. Nowhere.

If you are running a business that can't simply disappear from the planet if something arises, HA WordPress Hosting is what your business requires to stay on the virtual map.


  • Stop dealing with hardware related downtime.
  • Stop dealing with network related downtime.
  • Stop dealing with maintenance related downtime.
  • Stop dealing with tiny resource usage restrictions.
  • Stop dealing with bad bots and the up-sell emails.
  • Stop dealing with scalability issues.
  • Stop dealing with pageview limitations.
  • Stop serving dynamic content from only one location.
  • Stop utilizing account resources to served cached content (a fast back-end even with high traffic).
  • Stop relying on single points of failure and keeping only one (1) egg in your basket.
  • Start serving dynamic content from as many locations as you want.
    Put more eggs in your basket.
  • Evolve your entire hosting infrastructure into a DCDN (Dynamic Content Delivery Network).
    Start serving dynamic content faster with our Geo DNS.
  • Start smashing viral traffic bursts and deliver low TTFB results to all of them with ease.
    Smoke show your competition with our in-memory, high availability server-side caching stores.
  • Serve customers with greater speed and efficiency.
    Amplify your cores, your ram, and your pipe, horizontally.
  • Perform maintenance without disturbing your uptime.
    No more scheduling maintenance times and dispersing them to your clients.